Friday, September 18, 2009

A Side Trip

After our many exertions of the previous day, we spent yesterday wandering a bit around Montreal with the goal of finding a shop that one of the West Island knitters mentioned. It is called Bobineuse de La Laine. If you are familiar with School Products in New York then imagine if School Products had a plying machine so that you could choose from among the cones and create your own colourways. These would be plied together and you could purchase as much or as little as you want at amazingly affordable prices. This is Bobineuse de La Laine.

I confess that I found it a little strange and hard to understand when we first walked in but the man behind the counter was very friendly and next thing you know, I was 1.5 pounds richer in yarn (a robin's egg blue mixed with a green and a varigated colour - plied to be DK weight).

I took a couple of videos on my camera (not my video camera) of the process. Here is one:

We also visited with the knit group at a shop called Ariadne Knits. It is a huge group - and very lively! In circumstances like that, I have found it better to corner, I mean, sit next to a couple of people and talk rather than try to direct the conversation to the whole group. Fortunately I sat next to a woman who is a real estate agent in and around Montreal so she filled me in on all sorts of details.

Little by little I am getting a feel for Montreal - a process so much more challenging that it was in St. John's.

PS. Sonya has started knitting.

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

Congrats to Sonia for starting to knit!

I like the group at Ariadne, though I don't go often as it's hard sometimes to get out there from the West Island.