Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Totally Illegal and Without Permission

I couldn't leave with such a downer of a post as the previous one.  So, I offer you this photograph, which I do not have express permission to share, taken in 1986 in Hoboken, NJ, of a small group of art students attending their last year of art school at Cooper Union in New York.  Not sure where two of them are at this point but I can say for certain that one has become one of our leading lights in all things dragonfly and damselfly and one of them is a kindly old preservationist who married a fellow Cooper alum/artist.  I should add that my devotion to Elvis Costello may be evident.  And further, that this picture was taken by our friend, Jeff Peter.


This girl said...

Very very cool photograph!

Patti Blaine said...

Hi Dan! :)