Monday, September 07, 2009

Packing? What Packing?

Our leisurely days have come to an end. Now we start gathering our things and making last minute preparations and eating up strange combinations of foods so as to clear out the cabinets and cleaning up four months worth of detritus.

My efforts at using up dyed fleece stash have not been without some success. I piled everything in the middle of the living room and pulled colours out as my whimsy took me.

A collection of commercially dyed merinos in lovely fall colours.

A wee little skein that looks like a posey.

Then things took a wilder turn...

Finnian started carding things together that I never would have chosen, but they work.

I stopped even looking in the bags and started pulling out pieces at random.

Digging still further for thin singles left on bobbins for plying materials.  (Have to admit, these are my favourites.)

Then I took it back a notch - all super soft merino and BFL.  Quick, someone grab me a newborn!

And I tested out my new hat recipe on a skein a handspun.  Same pattern as earlier with slight adjustment in the number of stitches and, instead of an i-chord bind off, I just single crocheted a couple of rounds.  I am please that the whole hat took slightly less than 100 yds of yarn, including the braided ties.  Bringing Hester Prynne into the 21st Century.

ETA - All the yarns are still on sale in my etsy shop!  I will be mailing them off on Wednesday to Devon House, so after that it means a trip to St. John's, which, while a worthy endeavour, will jack up the price a bit.

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