Thursday, September 17, 2009

Knitting Sprawl - Montreal, Quebec

We spent the day yesterday on the West Island (in West Island?) and in nearby towns. We had a plan to meet up with a knitting group in that area in the evening so we spent about six hours driving around, video taping, photographing and talking with people before meeting up with the knitters.

Since we arrived in Montreal, my friend from Berlin, Sonya Schoenberger, has been with us. Her role is to be camera person and technical advisor in all things video. I am very happy she is along because she is bringing a lot of good ideas about how to frame the video portion of this project. I had lost my sense of what it would be after my St. John's experience so it is good to feel back on track with it. Also she manages to act as a moderating influence on Finn and Lucy, keeping them from getting too restless and in each other's face. And we encourage each other to be just a little more daring and take some chances that I know I would not take if I were on my own.

For example, yesterday we found a rich vein for photographs - a new development that had several model houses open. Together we hatched a scheme whereby we acted as potential buyers and got to tour two of the homes.

It was very interesting to hear the sales pitch and dig a little into that side of things. At a certain moment I found myself actually believing in our fabrication and truly considering whether or not living in this house would be a good idea. I was wanting those appliances and thinking about how the layout would work for us. The qualities that the house embodied - a certain kind of luxury (this was one of the higher end models)- were suddenly things I believed I wanted also. Is this how it happens?

Fortunately before I could write any checks, we spilled out, back into the bright sunshine and cool air of reality.

And on to our meeting with the West Island knitting group.

It was wonderful to meet up with them - so welcoming and generous with answers to our questions. Yet again, I felt that little tug when I realized that I wouldn't be meeting up with them next week. But we made some plans for Rhinebeck, so connections were made...


island sweet said...

wonderful to hear how it's going. that montreal knitting group could be us! it's happening

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Glad you enjoyed your visit with our group. It was so nice to have you!

What area of town did you pretend to be buyers? That sounds like a neat idea!

Robyn said...

Thanks again for letting us visit! We were north of West Island but just south of Laval - a development called Villas sur Rive. It was fascinating!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I've never even heard of that area! I will have to look into it. How did you even find it? Or you ended up there by random?

Robyn said...

Yes, it was totally by chance. I had google mapped the knitting group and saw from the satellite photograph that there might be some good areas in that direction and then we just kept heading towards rooftops we saw along the landscape. Sometimes being lost is a good thing!