Monday, January 17, 2011

At Long Last

Winter arrived yesterday. This morning the edges of the bay are frozen up and it is still snowing, quite hard at the moment.

We are on a bit of a windy hilltop so these photographs don't really convey the amount that fell. For the first time, I can't see the thistles poking up - about a foot I would say. The only downside was that most of it happened on the one day of the week when I actually really have to drive around. Thank goodness for studded tires - I was beginning to believe they would never feel snow under them. Even so, last night as I attempted to get up our road from the main highway, I had to make five tries before the car could get all the way up the hill.

Lucy rigged this up all the while complaining of my ineffectualness, seemingly of everything in general but specifically as a person capable of drying mitts and hats after a snowstorm. Even as she was grumbling (I think the real reason was that she had to go to school - hey, that was her choice!), she was solving the problem so I couldn't get too irritated with her. I grasped my cup of the lifegiving elixir, as Bertie Wooster would say, and kept my mouth shut.

This is generally a good policy around Lucy these days.

And here is Finn's birthday cake:

He has fallen strongly into the pie category in the cake vs. pie argument. After wresting with gluten-free pie crust dough at Christmas, this one was a breeze. So filled with the love of gluten was I that I made this fancy lattice top. Exuberance as manifested in pie crust - there you have it.


Janine said...

We were die-hard pie people with as many as 24 pie pans in my kitchen and 0 cake pans. Then I baked the Tuxedo Cake made in my Potatoes-Anna pan and now I'm in search of real cake pans with no coating or aluminum. We are now pie AND cake people!-J9
P.S. Sorry for the late comment, I am just getting around to checking your stuff and will even get to looking at your yarns now.

Janine said...

And the pie is gorgeous-YUM!