Friday, January 28, 2011

What, and Likewise, Where?

Functionality is key. Utilitarianism is our watch word. Pen is champ! Look at the simplicity, the clean lines, the beauty in the backlit photograph photoshopped to within an inch of its life. How we will now glide through our days, sewing and washing clothes in a gentle light. Sigh....

And then, this. The main beauty of which is unseen, that is to say, you can't see it. The main beauty is that most of those colourful containers are empty. Empty! Surprising how, when things are organized, one finds they don't actually take up as much room as they used to. Emptiness is form, or so they tell me.

Speaking of marking time, look at this gorgeous silkscreened calendar, made by the multi-talented Sonya Phillip (she really is multi-talented, so click the link. You won't regret it). I won this calendar, if you can believe it. I won it and she actually mailed to me all the way from San Francisco, California. In a tube.

Freaking awesome!

Speaking of freaking awesome, look at the clean lines and simplicity of my knitting area in the living room. Oh yes, the organizing craze has spilled over into other rooms. It is practically minimalist. Calling Richard Meier!

Our starched and fragrant lives...drink it in, my dears, drink it in.


island sweet said...

oh i can just see that impish twinkle in your eye!

Robyn said...

Oh you read me like a book, Shawn!

Sonya Philip said...

The calendar looks like it was made for that room. Makes me happy.