Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yarns Not Guns

After my attempt at serious social commentary yesterday, I am sure it is pretty obvious that I should stick to yakking about yarn. And so I will.

Look, look!

This is one of the kits made by Riihivilla. Her mother designed the mitts and she naturally dyed all the yarn from plants around her home in Finland. She was a delight to correspond with, making me ever grateful for people in places like Finland who speak and write in English so well. This kit is on its way to Massachusetts to my mother - a late Christmas present. I don't think she looks at this blog.

This is yarn from a second kit. One for Mom, one for me. That's how it goes around here. I thought I was being very generous by keeping the less colourful one. Ah, the stories we tell ourselves. But check out that variegated yarn - she dyed that will mushroom dyes. Very cool!

Me and my Majacraft have been busy, as well. I just learned, btw, that it is not pronounced Maja, as in Raja but Maja as in how a person from Revere, Mass, would say "major". Ah, my fantasy about my Susie Pro being a princess from India is kaput. She isn't Chandraleeka but Charlene, or maybe Trish. Trish from Revere. I am picturing her circa 1982, getting on the Blue Line and heading into Boston for an all-ages show at the Rat.

Whoa, back away from the Time Machine....

Anyway, Trish or Chandraleeka, or L'il Susie, my wonderful wheel, has been churning.

Mountain Colors handpainted Targhee, two-ply. 374 yds.

More blue! All indigo dyed fibre (and then some), single ply, 106 yds.

A mix of fibre and colour, single ply, 136 yds.

While I was making up the above yarns, Brian, our carpenter extraordinaire, was finishing up his work in the basement. The room is nearly complete! When he came up after he had finished, he said, "I thought you were spinning. I recognized the sounds from Shawn's house." Different house, different spinner - all in a day's work for Brian.

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