Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Turnaround

The drinking water here in Gillams has a certain coppery colour to it. I have been told it is "just minerals" and that it is a result of beavers damming up the reservoir where the town gets its water. Whatever the reason, be it natural sediments or frisky wildlife, the l'eau de castor makes me think a little too much about my digestive system after a couple of days of imbibing it.

Thus, every month or so, we load up our jugs and head to the neighboring community of McIvers. Along the roadside, just before you get to Cox's Cove (where they love their children - I know this because a large sign proclaims it just as you enter the town limits), there is a spring where one can collect fresh drinking water.

This is the sign to look for as you drive along. The spring is actually on the opposite side of the road - heading back into McIvers - so one must turn around in order to park along side the spring and collect water. I have discovered that there is a little patch of road shoulder that is ever-so-slightly wider than the rest of the road just beyond the spring and started calling it The Turnaround. When I first started mentioning it to Dan, I think he was imagining a paved area, possibly with a Tim Hortons and maybe a gas station. When we finally went together to The Turnaround, he was a little shocked at Thus began our ongoing joke that most things that we had trouble finding locally could, no doubt, be had at The Turnaround. Looking for a fancy French cheese? Check The Turnaround. Artisanal bread? I think they have it at The Turnaround. WiFi? I heard The Turnaround is a hot spot.

And so on. It is a million yuks around our household, as you can, no doubt, see. Anyway. As often happens, we have periods without internet access here, particularly after we arrive following a long absence - hence the WiFi access joke. One day, as we approached the blessed Turnaround, I said, darn! I forgot to bring the computer! At that moment, it was revealed that Finnian had believed that The Turnaround did indeed have WiFi. Finnian, who never believes a word I say, especially when it involves making his own life better, actually believed my silly joke. Perhaps it is a teensy bit mean spirited, but I was feeling very satisfied for just a moment there.

Here is the spring itself. Life giving water! Sans le castor!

Filled up and ready to head back to Gillams, with its coppery water and lack of fancy Turnarounds.

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