Monday, January 03, 2011

Beauty Comes in at the Eye....

Despite the absurdly unseasonable temperatures and lack of snow, there is so much beauty right outside our front door.

And inside our front door too. Finnian, poised on the edge of turning 14, at once a man and a little boy who still asks his mom first for answers. I rarely know the answers these days, but it is very sweet that he is still asking.

My third, and final, skein spun from my stash of Widdershins fleece. But why say "final"? I happen to know she has more where that came from.

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Jan Morrison said...

what delicious pictures. And I'm glad you still have questions from Finnian. I like that age with guys. And I would like some of that wool - my god it's beautiful.
weather is weird here in Nova Scotia too - rain and more rain. As I hate driving in the winter I am not minding it. Not good for crops though.