Friday, January 14, 2011

Buddha Seat

Since, as Dogen says, practice and enlightenment are one and the same, I thought it was high time I did something about the fact that my makeshift zafu (a pile of afghans) was causing my legs to fall asleep every time I sat. It was clear that the problem could be traced to what I was sitting on.

Time to make the zafu!

I purchased some kapok. While it was making its way to Newfoundland, I saw some very cute crocheted cushions on etsy that looked suspiciously like zafus.

So that's what I did.

If you stare at this photo long enough, Dogen appears and shakes his fist at you.

No, no, keep looking! Don't look away. Ach, you just missed it. Keep looking.


Jan Morrison said...

I like this zafu very much. It seems much better than my regulation orange zabaton and zafu. Oh well, Buddha sat on the ground, no?
Not on the snow, though.

island sweet said...

love this!

Sodia Like said...


i have to go start a school knitting group!!