Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Mash-Up! Includes Knitting Content!

Are you sick of 'em yet? Here is another ikebana arrangement. I rather like this one because it consists almost entirely of plants I would consider weeds from our little front patch.

I don't even know that the object is (the tall vertical leafy piece) - it was a branch off a weed tree growing next to the large London Plane tree that offers us shade in the summer in front of the house. Then I re-used the hosta leaves because they were still as fresh as when I cut them last week. Who knew hostas would be so hardy as cut leaves? Also some vine that I don't the name of either. The subject is a piece of azalea. We have three in our front patch - this one always blooms last because it stands in the shadow of the aforementioned London Plane tree. Such a gorgeous colour!

What the what? Yes, His Holiness was visiting the George W. Bush Presidential Center this week. I stole this jpeg from their website but I am not even going to link to it. So there! Clearly I am not as open-hearted as HHDL. I am posting it because I had an argument with some right wing Born Again Christians this morning about the use of torture. (They were for it, btw). And when I think of right wing, Born Again torturer, I think of George W. Bush!

But how can I send you off to the weekend with that terrible thought? It just ain't right. about this?

Thanks for the pointer, Lela!

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Taos Sunflower said...

I saw John McCain arguing again against torture last week; wish the right wing would respect him enough to understand why it's so very wrong.