Monday, May 23, 2011

This Week

This week, I will be up at Mt. Tremper in sesshin.

Sesshin, sesshin
You never come out the way you went in.

It is precious time and I am very lucky to be able to claim it. Thank you to my family and friends who make it possible. I am very grateful.

See you next week!

* completely taken from the old rhyme that is well-known to those who grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

PS. If you think taking time away from the rest of the flow of your life to sit zazen in an intensive way is crazy or selfish or, perhaps, something you might like to try, check out this article in the Spring 2011 issue of Buddhadharma.

1 comment:

Jan Morrison said...

oh excellent and excellent timing I'm thinking. I wish I could join you but must continue to do my own mini-retreats (both writing and sitting) here at the CHICKEN ranch.
I love that poem and man oh man is it true. love to you - may you bloom and grow.