Thursday, May 05, 2011

News Update

To spare you any further cryptic postings on turbulence and forgiveness, I want to share some news about what is happening in my life. My husband, Dan, and I are splitting up. I have absolutely no intention of going over any of the details of it here, but I felt like something needed to be said. Also if it means that people will just know and I don't have to actually tell everyone, then so much the better. It is kind of a conversation killer.

Twenty six years and two children later, the process of pulling apart our relationship is complicated and, at times, painful. I hope it isn't too cliched to also say that it also contains a lot of possibility and potential for the future. I suspect that good things lay in store for all of us as we enter our new lives, separate but still very connected.

So that's what is happening.

Now back to my usual poetic musings about art, wool, Newfoundland, Zen, homeschooling, yoga, and...maybe it is time to narrow the focus of this blog.


Nathan said...

Sorry to hear about this, but I also know that endings can bring new beginnings. Be well and take care.

OfTroy said...

try counciling.

not to reconcile, but to learn new behaviors. to learn to be co parents, if not partners.

likewise, find an abitrader, and not lawyers. work things out as people, not as advasaries.

it still hurts, but it works better.

There is nothing that can be said, each marriage is different, each family is unique, but
1--it cost time and money to get married. It cost time and money to end one

2--you can spend time and money being angry, having an ugly seperation. (which will hurt your kids) or you can lose a bit (financially) and have healthy kids--priceless!

3--thing do get better. it might seem like it will take forever, but things change, and thing improve.

Its always sad to see an end--but its also a beginning--and birthing a new life is hard.

Robyn said...

Thanks for your kind words, Nathan.

Helen - I hoped I had conveyed that this isn't an angry process. Anger is the easy way out, in my opinion. Pleased be assured that we are proceeding with the greatest of care and attention to Finn and Lucy's well-being.

Jan Morrison said...

hey dearheart, I am sorry for your time - dismantling a nest is a hard project and I'm so glad at the enlightened way I hear you are going about it. And I am with you on the thing about what is OK or not to share on this weird connectivity we all have. So, just tonnes of love and some fresh air for you and your family.

ShannonAnn said...

I'm sorry Robyn, I know it won't be easy for any of you. It takes great courage to change even when you know it is the right thing to do.

island sweet said...

i love your new header robyn - full of light.

Patti Blaine said...

<3 Thinking of you daily, Robyn. XO

knix said...

Bright be today and everyday ahead to all four of you...and yes Shawn the new header is lovely.
Hope you are hav'in a grateful day sister.