Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mission Three-Quarters Accomplished

Back in the late summer of 2009, Lucy decided to knit herself a sweater as a project to work on as we set off on the first part of our trans-Canadian, Knitting Sprawl adventure. She picked out some bright pink Patons merino wool at Leisure World in Corner Brook (how I love that store's name!) and decided to knit a series of rectangles rather than follow any set pattern. I wholeheartedly endorsed her freewheeling style and she knit her way across five provinces.

Lucy quickly knit both sleeves and the front piece. Then, like many a knitter before her, she got a little stuck. She got a little sick of the yarn and a little weary of all that stockinette stitch. Yes, today's youth experience life so fast. I was in my 20s before I got bored with my knitting, yet Lucy was barely ten and already she was saying things like, "I think I will just cast on for a hat instead" and "I'm only setting this aside while I make some doll clothes". Alright, I have never actually said that last one.

She deftly ignored all pleas that she was nearly done and that, because she knits so fast, she could finished it in a couple of days. Nope. Once down, that baby was staying down. But it bugged me. I hated seeing it cluttering up our knitting basket aka The Mountain. Please make no mention that my own half-finished projects have been making The Mountain what it is for years now. Let's stay focused on Lucy and her sweater, if you don't mind.

Finally, I asked her if I could finish it for her. She agreed. The pieces she had knit, however, told another story. Lucy had grown. Significantly. When you start a sweater at age ten and finish it two years later, there are bound to be sizing issues.

So, I added a piece here and a border there and voila!

Lucy's sweater - 75% her, 25% me, 100% fabulous.


Jan Morrison said...

yowza - get over here - I have a mountain of projects I need help with!
Jan Morrison

Taos Sunflower said...

Congratulations! It looks great. If you have a hankering for another UFO, please let me know...

urban muser said...

it looks great, you guys make a good knitting team!

Newfoundland Fibre Artist said...

Love it!!