Friday, May 20, 2011

A Wee Gem

A wee Little Gem arrived yesterday just as I was running out the door.

No really. It's name is Little Gem. It is a traveling spinning wheel that fits in a bag that is about the size of medium portfolio. It weighs less than ten pounds. It uses the same flyers and bobbins as my Suzie Pro.

Isn't it just so cute? It was love at first sight. But I barely had time to try it out, so today...

Perhaps you are saying to yourself, "Three wheels! She really is getting a little greedy."

You might be right about that except that I have a master plan. The Master Plan is to sell my Ashford Traveller (a misnomer!) after the dyeing and spinning workshop in July. Then I will have two Majacraft wheels with interchangeable parts, including one that I can carry anywhere.

Perhaps now you are saying to yourself, "Oh sure, your husband gave you that Ashford as a gift and now you are selling it. A hostile gesture?"

No, you would be wrong there. I created my Master Plan not long after putting together the workshop idea, before we decided to separate and with the full knowledge and support of Dan. He still gets credit for giving me the gift that began my full-fledged sprint down the rabbit hole of spinning. That honour can never be sold off.

So, if anyone is interested in a lightly used wheel with eight bobbins, please get in touch. It will be available after July 4th.

Perhaps now you are saying to yourself, "Ok, you are not selling off reminders of a relationship past, but isn't this just a bit of retail therapy? You know, consuming to make yourself feel better in tough times?"

No, no, no. The wheel is a smart business move.

This is retail therapy.


island sweet said...

she's lovely. (and it all makes sense to me.)

Taos Sunflower said...

Nothing more exciting than a new wheel...especially when you have a pile of fibers like those waiting to be spun. Enjoy!

OfTroy said...

Love you roving.
As for the wheels.. well...

You have to break eggs to make omletes--and sometimes you have to part with something-- for a greater something.

I like the idea of a master plan--it's good to remember, If you don't know where you are going--any road will take you there

Sometimes, you need to go backwards in order to move forward (on the right path)I need to work on my master plan--I am not paying as much attention to it as i should.

Today, when i wasn't looking--some sock yarn joined me. (like i need MORE sock yarn!) but i hope to use this yarn to get a job teaching--so it's a smart to do. I'll be cast on this afternoon! Sock as a resume!

Marshall Arts said... ashford traveller for sale you say? How much? and yes, and there would be shipping.....
xo r.

urban muser said...

love your new wheel!
errr..what workshop? in nyc?

Jan Morrison said...

lovely and I like your master plan or mistress plan or madame plan - yes that one! And what's wrong with retail therapy exactly? After the most misery infested shite of a spring I can remember, I went to the knitting store (The Loop, Halifax) and bought some lace weight alpaca and silk (apple green and pinkish, redish applish greenish painted) and some lace patterns. so there.
by the way - I got some little thingies today too - go on over to Living the Comp. Simp. life!
my verification word is carkswat - I LOVE IT!

Robyn said...

Hi Christy, The workshop is in Newfoundland - you are welcome to join us!! XOX