Sunday, May 01, 2011

Ikebana Fun #2

On Thursday evening some friends stopped over and one of them brought a bouquet of lovely spring flowers - carnations and lilies. I knew they had potential!

Another Style A. Style A means vertical. I find it more challenging than some of the more horizontal arrangements but this is what the flowers said, so I did it. I added some spirea and azalea from our garden. The background (besides the bowls of keys and loose change) is a hooked mat made by Shawn of islandsweet. She doesn't make these anymore, having caught the spinning bug big time, so it is even more precious to me. I think it makes a lovely counterpoint to the ikebana.

All this flower arranging has inspired me to finally maintain some fresh flowers on my little home altar - something I could never be bothered to do before. Finally complete!


Jan Morrison said...

lovely! I like your shrine nosegay too.

OfTroy said...

Oh i love sweet violets... one of those wonderful thing that come in small packages.

Taos Sunflower said...

Style A with Shawn's mat is just perfect, it seems they were meant to be together.