Friday, October 10, 2008

Has the whole world gone crazy?

Am I the only who keeps wondering when McCain will put a stop to the lynch mobs calling out "terrorist" and "kill him" at his rallies? This is a strategy? They are unleashing something very ugly that will have repercussions beyond the election if they don't make it clear that it must stop now. But maybe they don't want it to stop?

I occasionally read a couple right wing blogs to keep myself in touch with what others might be thinking out there (strangely, moving between artsy communities in Queens and Newfoundland doesn't give one a complete picture). I keep waiting for these two to disavow the craziness, but not so far. Is the sacrifice of common human decency worth it for keeping right wingers in the White House?

In my peek into the brains of two people who lean further right than I do, I have read a lot about how the scary thing about Bill Ayers isn't his bomb throwing days but his current work as an educational reformer. Did you know that advocating for small class sizes and against standardized tests is part of a Stalinist plot against all that is right in America? Seriously! Somebody tell that to my brother-in-law! Actually, he also knows Bill Ayers, like anyone who has worked in educational reform over the past couple of decades. Wait....if my b-i-l pals around with terrorists and I pal around with my b-i-l, then am I one of those people who hate America so much that I would pal around with terrorists?

Can I move to Canada now?

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Patti Blaine said...

I'm sorry, no. You cannot. You pal around with a pal of a terrorist. And you're planning to vote for another one. Canada won't want you.


I can't bring myself to read those other blogs. Everyone I'm related to is capable of writing the same for McSame/against Our Guy. I have enough trouble sitting down to a meal with these people. I won't have it on my home computer too.