Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's All Good


- Helen arrives in her sporty car, and in a brilliant parking maneuver, gets a spot for herself and holds a spot for us upon our return. Lucy, Helen and I head north in bright sunshine and lovely fall colours while Helen keeps us entertained with her vast knowledge of just about everything under the sun.

- We arrive just around 10 am hook up with Patti almost immediately. Hooray!

- Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere are Obama buttons, bags, t-shirt, stickers. Is it the wool that makes people so smart? And further, is it my imagination or is John McCain starting to have the stink of Bob Dole about him?

- Um....I forgot my camera. Sorry Shawn! I am an idiot.

- The sheep! They are the best part of the whole thing. I just can't get enough of hanging out with sheep.

- There seemed to be more natural colours available this year, less handpainted fleeces.

- Ravelry has been a revolution among knitters, as evidenced by the fact nearly everyone was wearing a ravelry button with their name on it.

- One of my favourite parts of Rhinebeck (after hanging out with Patti and sheep) is seeing all the amazing sweaters and shawls and scarves that people are wearing. I love these people.

- At about 4 p.m., we sat down for a warm cup of tea next to a large group of men who knit and spin. A LARGE group. It was pretty cool.

- At 5 p.m., we said our farewells to Patti, reunited with Helen and headed back to the city.

It was a good day.

Now I have to go take a quiz on Vedic chanting...but what I really want to do is dip my paw into my bags of yummy wool.

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island sweet said...

yes but you can take pictures of what you bought! i thought about you all day. xxx