Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sweet Relief

Yesterday we blew off all our regularly scheduled activities and stayed home all day. It was a much-needed rest for all of us. I caught up on all sorts of things that had been lingering in the background waiting for attention. It always feels like a good thing to clear up that kind of stuff. And finally, at about 6 p.m., while soup simmered on the stove, I dug into my new wool and started spinning.


The merino/silk combo with some uncarded locks.

This one makes me laugh every time I look at it! It is some of the icelandic from Rhinebeck as well as some icelandic from a fleece I washed but haven't carded, and some green locks (not sure what breed they are from). The moose I purchased at Leisure World in Corner Brook. They were too large even for my wild flyer, so I had to (gasp!) cut the yarn after I spun in the moose, slip them onto the bobbin and tie it back up. I know - totally against every rule in the book! But this may be my absolute favourite yarn yet. I think I will call it "Moose, Undressed".

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Patti Blaine said...

I love Moose, Undressed! Too funny. :)