Saturday, October 25, 2008

Welcome Interruption

Several weeks ago, I pulled over my spinning wheel and decided I wanted to make something that didn't involve a lot of blending on the drum carder. I just wanted to spin and I wanted to make something in high contrast: black and white. So I grabbed some luscious organic merino and my bag of black icelandic uncarded locks and set to work. After I made the single, I decided to ply it with some thin singles that I had spun earlier -also merino but this time ever so slightly handpainted with a pale pink. The result was at once subtle and shocking:

I wasn't even sure I should try to sell it since it was, well, so unusual. In any case, I took some pictures, called it "Interruption" and put it in my etsy shop, and indeed, it did sell. It sold to a fellow etsy-ian Charte Chic.

Yesterday she sent me a note and a link to her shop.

Nice, eh?


Patti Blaine said...

Very nice!

island sweet said...

isn't it wonderful that your imagination tweaked her imagination. she bought some yarn from me last week - now i'm excited to see what comes of it...