Thursday, October 02, 2008

Objects in Blog May Be Larger Than They Appear

My desktop is covered in photographs because I have been trying to re-do my website (well, paying someone to re-do my website since I made such a mess of it) and trying to apply for a couple of grants. I thought that, amidst all the mess, there must be a couple of pictures to share here but most of them are of old projects that seem a little ho-hum to me now. I'm a fair weather friend to my past work, I guess. If it is not right there, giving me the shivers, then I tend to lose its phone number and cross the street to avoid having to say hello. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

But here is something that has been simmering on the desktop, calling out for my attention:

That's the water tower that may receive a custom made cozy. The board of directors of the building will decide on Monday evening if they are up for it. We'll see if I have cases of yellow yarn in my future (again).

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superfuzz said...

oh! that's exciting news, fingers crossed.