Friday, October 03, 2008

Lipstick on a Pig

We four watched the VP debate last night, eagerly setting up the television and getting some snacks to carry us through the 90 minutes. Finn and Lucy have become political junkies (awh, just like their mom and dad) so we were all raring to go when it started.

As we watched, all I could think was "you're kidding, right?". Joe Biden, who can tend to blather and who is not personally one of my favourites, had a very tough job not to come off in a negative light given who he was up against, but he sounded very smart and very respectful. He hammered home some good points (ones that I wish Obama would make occasionally). As for Mrs. Winkin' I-may-not-answer-the questions-you-ask-me.... (did I actually see her wink at the camera THREE times???) felt painful to watch. She seemed so scripted and lightweight. Heaven help us, do we need another four years of a gosh, golly gee, folksy, droppin' my "g"s kinda person who says nothing, answers no question directly, and speaks as a puppet for the people really running the show?

After it was finally over, I thought Ok David Brooks! What can you possibly say to THAT? But I shudda known. Expectations were that Tina Fey would be on stage tonight, so when it was more of Tina Fey channeling Karl Rove, this was called success. Only one of the post-debate talking heads said the truth - that Biden was obviously better, knew what he was talking about and spoke in specifics. You could tell the other commentators were looking at him like: ix-nay on the iden-bay aise-pray. That guy obviously didn't get the memo.

It is hard to know if people really want more of this la la land stuff. Aw heck, that must be just my darn ole East Coast liberal elitism talkin'.

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