Monday, March 14, 2011

Devils, Real and Imagined

I deleted my last post. It went beyond silly into stupid, especially after I looked at photographs of what happened/is happening in Japan. It is not a time to laugh.

I wonder if we can now all agree that nuclear power's benefits do not outweigh its risks? People can hold all sorts of crazy thoughts in their heads - I know I can - so I doubt it, sadly.

Perhaps the thing to do is to not fall into a sense of futility but to pay attention to that sense of everything being quite precious. Handle each grain of rice like it were an eyeball, as Dogen instructed, where everything is a grain of rice.

With that in mind, I wander back into my little life.

Yesterday, I took some arty shots of my yarn on the beach as part of the marketing for the summer dyeing and spinning workshop. Colette is heading to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto so she wanted some colourful posters to hand out to people. I thought a bit o' the salt air in the pictures might entice people come. A bit o' the dorkiness - photographing my yarn on a dory of all the things! - but there I was, doing it. Didn't I once make a whole art project about how Newfoundland culture is presented to the outside world? What?

As I sold my soul to the devil (preacher women, are you listening?), I also noticed that there was a whole lot of melting going on.

Mud season is fast approaching.

ETA: If I were more eloquent, I would write something like this.

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Jan Morrison said...

yesterday it was warm here - +8. I stayed in and played. Now flurries fill the air and taking Hoagy for a walk was unbelievably nippy. Did I miss spring in the maritimes? Probably.
Come over to my writing site if you like - I wrote a piece on Japan that I think will resonate with you as your post here did with me. just click my name and it will go there - Jan Morrison