Sunday, March 20, 2011

Source of Inspiration

Courtesy of Facebook, I reconnected with artist, Anne Dinan. Anne and I were fast friends in high school. And by "fast", I mean we would drive her Dodge Dart into Boston very, very fast. But don't tell my mother. It was Anne who introduced me to Elvis Costello's music and his hipster-doofus aesthetic, which in turn was why I noticed Dan on the very first day of art school. He looked a lot like Elvis and definitely had the whole hipster-doofus thing going on. Ah, memory lane! In any case, when I went to school in New York and Anne moved to Boston, we drifted apart. Funny things can happen when you don't see someone for twenty years but in this case, it turns out that, while we both have had very full lives, we still share many of the same interests and sense of humour.

Anne now makes jewelry and other beautiful items out of her studio in Amesbury, Massachusetts. She has an etsy shop and a blog. As she started posting photos of her work to her FB page, the colours popped out, dazzling my eyes. She shares my love of mixing cool and warm blues and greens. Then she started a project called "A Pendant A Day" on flickr and invited other jewlery makers to participate.

Here is a sample of her work:

Making pendants is beyond my abilities but I can make yarn so I decided to try to reproduce some Anne's colour combinations. It was harder than I thought it would be but I think I finally succeeded with at least one skein.

Merino, BFL and Newfoundland heritage wool, recycled banana fibre and sari silk, 110 yds.

Thank you Anne for being a life-long inspiration!

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anne dinan said...

thank you robyn.
that is beautiful!