Friday, March 25, 2011

The Universe is Still Talking

Here is the pile of yarn that I made on as a custom order. The catch? After I sent photos and the total cost, I have not heard back from the person who asked for it. Ah well, even if he does a bunk, I will be happy. I think I could make Lucy a sweater out of all this yarn. In fact, I am almost hoping he decides not to buy it now. This is my take-no-prisoners business acumen talking.

Right after the yarn order came in, I also got a custom batt order.

Yello! Universe?

Must have dialed the wrong number.


Anonymous said...

Appears to be a rather comfy fabric; especially this time of the year

Carol said...

Hey Robin
I have been meaning to comment on your blog for ages. I follow it regularily and love it. It gave me a little peice of Newfoundland winter this year, thanks. Your writing is fabulous and your photos are great,
Once again thanks,
Joined Followers today, Carol