Friday, March 11, 2011

Earth Shattering Yarn Decisions

A couple of days ago, a small box arrived in our mailbox. Actually, a key to a larger mailbox arrived in our mailbox. In Gillams, everyone has a mailbox under an awning next to the Town Hall. Larger packages are put into one of the half dozen large-sized mailboxes and a key is put into your box. After the package is retrieved, the key gets put into the outgoing mail slot. A brilliant system, and you have the excitement of opening the new door like you are on Let's Make A Deal (the Monty Hall version) or something.

In any case, this little box was waiting for me. Like a clown car at the circus, what came springing forth was about ten times more than what seemed possible. It was five handpainted rovings from (you guessed it) Widdershin Woolworks. When I first saw who it was from, I thought she must have sent the five in several packages. But no. When I opened it, it was like trick snakes from a box - all five popped out. The best trick ever!

I feel so fibre rich. It is a kind of existential contentment that feels like, even if everything else collapses around me, I will still be okay because I have this by my side. Maybe I should tell those preacher women about this.

Maybe not.

Here is the first skein from one of the new rovings.

BFL wool and silk. Couldn't you just weep for joy at its beauty?

It is telling me that I need to improve my lace skills a little more so I can make something worthy of it.

No, I am not selling it. In fact, I have made a big decision to set my etsy shop on extended vacation mode and only sell my yarn through the Craft Council shop and A Good Yarn in St. John's. Believe it or not, I am trying to limit my time spent on the computer and I find the amount of time I spend checking and updating my shop on etsy compared to the actual sales just isn't worth it right now. I love etsy and all it stands for but it is time for me to step away for a while. All the yarn in the shop will be sent to A Good Yarn on Monday so if there is something you have had your eye on, please get it while the gettin' is good. Unless you live in St. John's, that is.


island sweet said...

gorgeous. and all good choices...

michelle said...

Oh Thank you so much !!! You make me so proud of my little rovings all grown up into such such a pretty yarn. But that's what I love about the fiber's such a collaboration. I dye the roving,you decide how to spin that into a stunning yarn, then someone else takes the yarn and makes decisions about how best to knit it...what a lovely circle of creativity.

Patti Blaine said...

Stunning, Robyn!