Friday, March 04, 2011

Some Videos for Friday

Lucy was asking me if I had any music on my computer that she could use for aerobics, which apparently she does in gym class at school. With all due respect to the place that I love so dearly, I have noticed that there are parts of Newfoundland culture that are quite stuck in the 1980s and this love affair with aerobics may be one of them.

Thursday evenings do occasionally see me off to Summerside for the aerobics class taught by one of my most loyal and enthusiastic yoga students. As I write that, I realize I may be trying to rationalize why I go to the class - just being nice to my student and all that. But you know, while I do have many moments of "what am I doing here?" as we grapevine and shuffle around the community hall, the truth is, I kind of enjoy the flashbacks to the early 90s, post-work aerobics classes that I used to take with my buddy, Greg.

All that said, the answer is no, I do not have any music on the computer that would be good for aerobics. Apparently all I have on my iTunes program are dharma talks (I can hear Finn and Lucy groaning) and recordings of songs by The Mighty Boosh. Somehow they go very well together. And there seems to be an appropriate one for any occasion.

For example, our current weather, which can be summed up as "snow and blowing snow":

Then, I thought I could combine the dharma talks and The Mighty Boosh. How about this one in response to the recent Zen teacher scandals:

Alright, that might have been uncalled for but it is such a great song that I use any excuse to post it.

And this, at last, is for Lucy. The '80s....oh yes.

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Jan Morrison said...

I love the Mighty Boosh and I forgot about them so thank you!
It being Shambhala Day I wanted to wish you Tashi Delek! I'm off soon to the centre to do the Sadhana of Mahamudra and hang out with folks but I wanted to remember my only Buddhist blogging pal!