Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Being the BQE Just Got Easier

If you have read this blog for more than a couple of days, then you probably know that Dan's brother, David, is a very accomplished man. He is the author of several highly regarded books on educational assessment (and who can ever forget the delightful characters, Greg and Cara, and their ripple of laughter?). He has not written his book, You're Already Not There: Setting and Achieving Negative Goals, thereby achieving that goal. And he is the driving force behind the soon-to-be-released (not really) movie, Grinder Sutra.

Yes, he is a powerhouse of creativity and ideas. And now you too can experience all that for yourself. David has started a blog called Be the BQE. It is ostensibly about his adventures commuting to Staten Island from Queens, but it is so much more, too.

Check it out!

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