Friday, April 08, 2011

The Romance of the Artistic Life

Scene: Living room in Sunnyside, mid-morning. Children enter and sit down. I shut the laptop and put it on the floor.

Me: I didn't get the Guggenheim.

Lucy: What were you applying for?

Me: (what follows is a heart-felt, if long-winded, description of my project that includes words like "finding the heart of suburbia", "shopping centers as the geographical and spiritual center of communities", and "using gift exchange as a way of transforming Walmart".

Finn: Well, I'm not going with you.

Lucy: If you are going to Walmart, would you get me that loft bed I wanted?


Jan Morrison said...

geezly hell but ain't that it in a short poem. I suggest you draw a bird. It is international draw a bird day. so...

OfTroy said...

well, unaswered is the question:
Is Lucy getting the loft bed she wanted?

(my daughter emily had a loft bed for years and years. if not a 4 poster canopy bed, then a loft. otherwise, a deprived childhood!)

island sweet said...

kinda brings you back to wha's real wha?

Patti Blaine said...

LOL and I'm sorry you didn't get the Guggenheim. I'd have loved to see what you did with it.