Monday, April 18, 2011

My Second Best Friend

When I made the executive decision to leave my Susie Pro wheel in Gillams, I (half) jokingly described it as being like leaving a child behind. Forget it. I am not joking at all. I miss my wheel. Every. Single. Day.

Seriously, not a day goes by that I don't think to myself, "must spin! must spin now!" Apparently I think to myself in some caveman-like way, but that is what happens when one is deprived of their spinning wheel.

But wait, I do have another wheel. She may be modest and a little frumpy. Her bobbins are small and she doesn't have the stop-start-work-like-buttah smoothness of the Majacraft. But she does spin wool into yarn and I need to do that. Rather desperately.

Yes, maybe it is time to dust 'er off, remove the electrical tape drive band repair (done as an emergency fix back in the Wave Hill days), and give her another chance to be top dawg.

It isn't attractive, this fair weather spinning, this no one better to talk to so I guess I will talk to you. And yet...

Hello Little Ashford Traveller, will you be my second best friend?


MyMixMix said...

I too have had moments when I thought I did not need to spin...I was wrong ...everytime. I rejoice in your refinding of your second best friend!

bookbird said...

hooray! please post pictures of the second best friend in action!