Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ikebana Fun

As the proud new owner of a kenzan (flower frog), I went right work arranging some materials that I gathered from our yard. Not 100% sure about that lilac....

Elementary Ikebana - Style A


island sweet said...

beautiful. like you.

OfTroy said...

definitely the lilac.

1--it adds another layer (scent)

2--a perfect triangle of color --2 shades of purple (one reddish/one pastel--paired with golden yellow (a perfect compliment) and the green--

my son was at Finn's age--intrigued by a frog--Spindle was a new word in his vocabulary (Ah, the days of do not bend, spindle or mutilate on con ed bills) and though a multi pronged spindler to be quite a nifty gadget!