Thursday, April 21, 2011


A quick peek around the ashtanga-related interwebs revealed lots of high praise for Sharath's NYC visit. I dunno, but I was kind of disappointed. Let me clarify - it was my own expectations obviously. I had this idea that simply by being who he is, he would transform the experience of a led class into something extra special. But it was just a led class....with 150 other people at 6:30 am in Manhattan. I mean no disrespect to Sharath at all - he exudes amazingness. It was the format, which doesn't allow for any extra words or even instructions to be offered.


This morning I finally got my sorry self over to mysore class. I had an initial shock from the heated up room. I have been practicing for six months in a, how shall we say, chilly house in Newfoundland - heat was not really...a factor. Then, it was awesome. I even did this for the very first time:

I know, I know. No attachment to results, right? But my practice has been a bit sucky lately, so it was nice to hit a high mark after so many reminders of the low points. And I am pretty sure that I did not look quite so calm and together like this guy in the photo.



Patti Blaine said...

Around here we don't have much time for the 'wha' part. We just say tev's. It's all the rage. T'evs. ;)

Taos Sunflower said...

Whoa...if you can do any version of that, you have my complete and total respect.