Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Everything Old is New Again

For ten years, we have been going back and forth between Newfoundland and New York City. Of course there is a large contrast in culture, landscape, people, and simply the amount of people. The transition back to New York is always a bit more jarring, as one might imagine. Some years, we plunge right back in to it all and sometimes we take a few days to adjust slowly. This year we have plunged right back in.

On Sunday I went to morning service at the Zen center where I lapped it all up like a greedy puppy. Yesterday we went to pottery class, reuniting with old friends and our wonderful instructor. As a little treat for jumping back in with both feet (and because we were all starving), we had dinner in a Japanese restaurant that is close to the pottery studio. There is nothing particularly special about the place but it is convenient and not very expensive and Japanese food was feeling extremely exotic to us after months of my cooking using the somewhat world weary produce that makes it way to Newfoundland in the winter.

While we were there, which wasn't terribly long and certainly early for dinner in Manhattan, we saw: a prostitute and her John ordering take out sushi (spicy salmon rolls, if you must know), three young people do a dine-and-dash move, and, as we headed to the subway, two transvestites wearing prom/wedding dresses casually walking down the street.

We are not in Gillams anymore.


dorinalouise said...

welcome back to the big apple, robyn. i'll miss your wintry white photos :)

Tara Bursey said...

This was a really amusing post! Made me have a mental image of my dad (a Newfie ex-pat) in Williamsburg...an unlikely combo!

Patti Blaine said...

Oh god, but I miss NY! LOL