Sunday, July 17, 2011

1498 to go

After my last post, I received a comment from Patti, " you need knitters/crocheters for this project yet? Let me know if I can lend my aid!"

I loved that little "yet" that she tacked on the end of the sentence. She knows me all too well, does Patti. For she is Patti of the 1250 granny squares made for one project. Patti of the I-will-run-towards-your-craziness -and-walk-side-by-side-with-you-in-it. Patti of the pure fact that I couldn't have done many of my projects without you. Thank you Patti! Thank you for all your past efforts and especially thank you for offering, once again, to engage in the mania. I don't know if I can truly express how much all of that means to me.

And since you asked...

1500 is such a lovely round number. It just rolls off the tongue - fifteen hundred. The physical reality of that 1500 is another thing altogether. Indeed, I felt the need to very specifically discuss what 1500 pieces of needlework would look like to my Korean sponsors - how much yarn it will take, how large such a number is when translated into 50cm squares. It's freaking huge.

But la la la, I am working my way through the pinks at the moment. I have been promised a lot of help on the Cheongju end of things but I don't know how that will really play out. These things are always like diving off a platform into darkness. Will a cool lake be waiting to catch me in a delicious, revitalizing splash? Or will it be a cement floor?

Anyway, I am loving those pinks with their vintage labels. Acrylic be damned! Gratitude can overcome fibre snobbery.

But, should you (like Patti) wish to contribute to this project, here is some information about the project and how you can be a part of it.

The project will be installed along what is called The Avenue of Trees - a 5 km long avenue lined with London Plane trees (oddly enough, the very same tree that dominates our neighborhood in Queens). I will be installing squares of colour on each of the approx. 1500 trees that line the roadway to create a kind of rhythmic effect of slowly transitioning colour - think colour for music. Since the roadway really only accommodates cars, the piece needs to work at driving speed.

To that end, I am making single colour 50 cm (20 inch) squares that will be wrapped and tied to the trees for the duration of the Biennale. The coloured squares will be organized on site to create the patterns and transitions. Any colour can be used but the square needs to be one colour or stay in close range of tones in one colour. You can use crochet or knitting in any stitch and you can use any yarn you want: wool, acrylic, whatever. The only real guidelines are that it must be 50 cm/ 20" square and it must be one colour. I don't have a pattern yet - I have just been making very large granny squares, but I will soon for those that need it. Let me know if you need one.

I also don't have a specific deadline yet, but I will definitely need all the squares by the second week of September. To be in touch with me with questions, patterns and/or my mailing address, email me at thehousemuseum(at)

Dig out your old scraps of leftover yarn and make a square for Cheongju!

And, thanks.


OfTroy said...

oo, oo, can i make 1 (or a few, too?

do they have to be granny squares? (OK i can make granny squares) and my friend debbie, having not yet mastered knitting wants to crochet too..She'll want to make some. I have 2 skeins of red heart super saver (8oz!)in a smokey lavender--it's actually a pretty color... could make a square or two, too!

Its perfectly safe, there is no way i am going to Korea!

Robyn said...

Ha ha Helen!

You most definitely can make some squares and they most definitely do NOT have to be granny squares. They can be whatever you feel like doing. I just thought granny squares would be fast, so that is what I am doing. I think it might be faster to just do straight double crochet, however.

But the answer is definitely a YES!

urban muser said...

whoa, you know i want to help. i think i should have some time to do something. trying to think what size needle and # sts to cast on with a worsted weight yarn. i am terrible at those calculations. any general thoughts?--i can work it from there. sounds fun!

Betty said...

I can help too. Where do I send my square(s)?

Patti Blaine said...

Sort of embarrassed now... :) and delighted to be able to help, Robyn! Off to toss some of the stash for suitable yarn!

Robyn said...

I will get a pattern together by tomorrow and post it. Squares will come to me in NYC and I will bring them with me to Korea...not exactly sure when that will be but I should know in a couple of weeks.

Thanks everyone for your enthusiastic response! Maybe we can do this thing!

Anonymous said...

Got sent over here by GeekMom. I've got a pile of practically unused skeins and some bored fingers that want to crochet more (or finally teach themselves to knit.) Shoot me an address and I can probably send over a square or 2.