Monday, July 25, 2011

Even Newfoundland Has A Summer Day Once in A While

Yesterday morning, we awoke to discover that it was about 10C/50F, windy and rainy. Once again this summer, we were lighting the woodstove and wondering if July had become March or October or we had been transported to the southern hemisphere or what. I know my New York friends, indeed, most people in North America, have been melting in record-breaking heat. Here in Newfoundland, we are having one of the coldest summers in 30 years. I am not complaining, mind you! Just acknowledging that there are extremes in both directions.

When the sun finally came out in the late afternoon, it was impossible to stay inside. It reminded me that despite the amount of work I need to accomplish, summertime is a time to step outside of routine, soak up some sun and fall in love with your place.

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