Sunday, July 10, 2011

Random Images for a Rainy Sunday

After a week of glorious summer weather, it is cold and rainy again. I welcome this little break. It is an opportunity to catch up and catch our breath. Summer is wonderful, beautiful with its long, long days full of activity but I appreciate a day of rest too.

Today seems like a good day to share some pictures that have been lingering on my desktop...

A shot of our dyeing workshop, nearing the end of the day when the racks were filled with colour. Whoever believes that natural dyes only produce pale, muted colours can suck on this! Or, if that seems a bit harsh, they can look at this photo and observe how we were able to achieve vibrant, bright hues using only natural materials. (Photo by Anne Pinsent)

Mr. Toad agrees. Colette found him on the road and was moving him to a safer spot when we realized he was the exact colour of our onion and alder dyed wools. We had quite the photo shoot - prompting someone to say that even a toad can have his 15 minutes of fame. So it is in the modern it is. (Photo by Anne Pinsent)

Here I am doing a drum carder demo amidst piles of our freshly dyed (and dried) wool. (Photo by Anne Pinsent)

Our rock pile, I mean, garden. Everything is planted and our greens, peas and beans have already begun to break through. It is a miracle every, single time.

The slanting sunlight of a late summer's evening. Wonderful, beautiful summer.


OfTroy said...

love the last image--pretty as petunia is so pretty! I love how the light flows through.

Sonya Philip said...

I am a sucker for fiber drying photos. And the toad photo shoot, fabulous colorway, who knew?

Patti Blaine said...

Beautiful, Robyn. Beautiful Robyn.