Friday, July 01, 2011


Happy Canada Day!

I still get a little frisson of excitement about the fact that I can say that as an insider. We have almost achieved enough years of permanent residency to qualify to take the citizen exam. Lucy is eager to do it. While the enthusiasm is there, the knowledge of Canadian history is somewhat sketchy. I mean, isn't Canada Day the day when we celebrate when a group of Canadians landed on a rock in 1776? No? Must find that study guide that we had sent to us...

But no time for studying up on Canadian History today. Well, ok, one more story. We have a friend who teaches Canadian history at the college in Corner Brook. One time when he was crossing the border into the US, the Customs official asked him what he was coming into the country to do. It was to attend a conference. So he was asked what the conference was about. He answered, "History, I am a professor of Canadian history." The Customs official, the wag, replied, "And what do you do after lunch?"

Oh me sides.

Anyway, putting aside humourous remembrances of stories past, I am hot to trot today in preparation for the people arriving this evening for the workshop. I am baking up all sorts of goodies that will sustain us through our mornings and afternoons hovering over dye pots and working away at spinning wheels.

Some blueberry and banana muffins that may not make it until tomorrow, although F&L might reject them on the basis that blueberries are not their preferred chocolate chips. So much the better for the rest of us!

There are still yet more spinning wheels to collect and move, dye to mix up (we will do a little acid dyeing too), and one pot of alder twigs that needs to be boiled. It is looking quite dark and boggy and it will, no doubt, smell that way when it starts to boil. The fun has only just begun.

Lots of pictures to come, post-workshop! Have a great holiday!

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