Thursday, July 28, 2011

Two Steps Forward...

In between the square production, I have a couple of other things I need to be making. The enormity of the square project has made me feel guilty whenever I even consider setting down my crochet hook and taking up anything else. But somehow these other things refused to be made without my attending to them. So this morning I brought up my drum carder and my box of fleece (she says as if she has only one box of fleece) and I set to work carding some batts so I can finally finish off my order for Molly Made in Woody Point. Tourist season is threatening to be over before I even get my yarn over there!

Molly, ever so kindly, asked for ten skeins. I had seven skeins sitting around my living room, so it really was only a task of making three more and Woody Point, here we come.

As a was preparing my materials, the phone rang and it was a woman at the Deer Lake visitor centre calling. Did I make yarn? Yeeesss...? There was someone there who wanted to come and visit. After explaining that my inventory was small at the moment and giving probably the worst directions ever (", in Gillams across the brook..." as if that means anything to anyone outside of Gillams..!), the cheerful voice on the other end replied she would see me soon.

I wasn't so sure. With those directions, they would be driving around the North Shore for days before they found me. I went back to my skein down, two to go.

I was so very fortunately wrong in my prediction, however! Michele and her husband, Thomas, have been driving around Newfoundland for two weeks, seeing sights and visiting yarn shops. Here and there they encountered my yarns and Michele decided she would try to find me. She runs her own yarn shop outside of Ottawa and she is very interested in local yarns. Thomas, to his great credit, seemed very content to spend time looking at yarn although he did confess that he didn't really like to knit himself.

Long story short: I began the day three skeins down and by midday, I was five skeins down. I am back to my original position but with a delightful new knitting acquaintance who even keeps a bilingual blog here. And here is the pattern for an Izzy doll - a project Michele and her yarn store are promoting. Read all about it and then go visit her next time you are in Ottawa!

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