Wednesday, July 20, 2011


There is a famous Zen koan that has at its heart the phrase, "Everyday is a good day."

Yesterday, not so much.

As I struggled to find some ground to stand on, I felt the need for a stronger balm than what crocheting pink acrylic yarn could offer me. I know, crazy talk, right?

But you see, I was sorely tempted away from the pink acrylic by this:

Handspun yarn from Widdershin Woolworks. I should say, handspun yarn from Widdershins that was on sale. Sale yarn!

Oh, and also this.

It makes a girl want to throw the pink acrylic in the bay and never look back. But that wouldn't be very fair to the fish.

I fondled the yarn, dreamed up projects, considered which fleece I would spin first, how I might spin it, and which wheel I would use. Then I took it outside and photographed it and admired how it looked in the afternoon sun.

Alas, I realized that if I started on a healing project of beautiful wool, I would not want to put it down. Even from the depths of hurt and anger, I knew that my little holiday of self-pity could only be allowed to last 24 hours. Also that the rabbit hole that is Widdershins is most definitely not a 24-hour affair.

More sensible minds prevailed. That is to say, I gave my darlings a little squeeze and gently put them back in the basket.

Maybe today I will finish with the pink. Because, you know, everyday is a good day.


Jan Morrison said...

Oh, all right. Now I have to go back and see why you are pink acrylicking at all. I imagine it is to do with the project. Gaaa.
I'm sorry I haven't been commenting so much lately. I had a heck of a time with blogger but then figured it out it might be my server. I switched and voila - now things that took ages are done in a jumping jack flash.

Robyn said...

Oh yes, totally the project. I am working through the yarn that was given to me, one colour at a time.

Nice to have you back!!

Gillian said...

Does it help at all when I tell you I have 3 squares done? I am starting another in a pink pretty close to the one you're using. I am so excited to be able to contribute to your project! I won't make you feel bad by pointing out that I'm going to be spinning with some lovely merino/seacell down at A Good Yarn this afternoon. Because that would be mean.

Robyn said...

Gillian, all of that makes my heart sing! Have a great time spinning later! XOX

Taos Sunflower said...

I hear you. Having acrylic yarn in my hands just feels creepy. I guess you can use your Widdies to keep you moving toward your goal...your soft rewards.

Sonya Philip said...

Everyday is a good day - that's a good thing to keep in mind. Also good: beautiful fiber in a basket at fondle reach. I completely recognize having to be the "heavy" I can allow myself to be so distracted and not get much of anything done.