Friday, July 29, 2011

True Confessions

True Confession #1: I didn't make any squares yesterday. At all.

True Confession #2: I love pink and white, frilly yarns. Somewhere a princess still lurks within.

True Confession #3: Once my drum carder was out, I sort of, kind of couldn't stop making batts. See TC#1.

True Confession #4: When I went to collect the kids from Shawn's house on Wednesday evening after camp, she was spinning up a batt that drew my eyes like flies to honey. Maybe it was all that pink acrylic, maybe the Phentex fumes went to my head, or maybe I just wanted to delight in the lovely, playful colours. Whatever it was, by the third skein of yarn yesterday, I decided to copy Shawn's yarn from memory.

True Confession #5: I do believe that imitation is a high form of flattery.

ETA: Here is the actual skein that Shawn was making....clearly I remembered much more yellow in there!

1 comment:

Jan Morrison said...

Ah, lovey! Aren't you having fun! I like it.