Wednesday, July 06, 2011

When It Rains, Play Ball

Last night after our first summer yoga session at Full Tilt (come if you can - 7 p.m. only $5!), I returned the last of the spinning wheels that we used for the workshop. There was definitely a small case of 48-hour delay happening, where I was more tired yesterday than Monday and there was even a little post-event let down. All normal and even a good thing because reflection is a good thing. Perhaps more on that another day.

Indeed, there was little time to wallow because suddenly things have heated up in my neck of the woods. After a ceaseless springtime of rejection, my work seems to be in demand. On a small scale:

I am spinning up some yarn to make a commissioned hat. Also, I have an order for ten skeins for a shop called Molly Made in Woody Point (a community in Gros Morne National Park). What is especially nice about this is that people have been asking for my yarn there so Molly got in touch with me. No one was more surprised than myself! I was invited to teach another spindle workshop in St. John's at A Good Yarn. We are planning it for early August (more details later on that). And I haven't forgotten my kimono project, nor the other sewing and painting projects that await my hand for our new guest room. Use time, don't be used by it. Or so I try to remember.

On a larger scale, the Korean project is still being discussed and is looking likely. I hesitate to say more until all is settled and confirmed. The project itself has gone through several incarnations but we seem to have closed in on what it will be, how it will be accomplished and now we are getting the money details worked out. That is always a tough one for me, having been raised not to talk about money matters. Who thought that was a good idea? Anyway, I stand poised with crochet hook in hand awaiting the starting gun because it will be a race to the finish line. A good 5km sprint!

As if that wasn't enough (are you winded yet?), yesterday I was contacted about another, much smaller, but still possibly significant, project. Again, I can't say too much until next week but let's just say that it caused Finnian to allow the words "Ok, that's impressive" to leave his mouth in regards to my artwork. I probably also can mention that the resulting piece could very likely end up in Cooperstown, NY. 'Nuf said.

All shall be revealed in the fullness of time...

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urban muser said...

wow, it all sounds exciting. looking forward to hearing more details!