Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Beach of Bones

Addendum to the last post:

Maybe I have Bohus-ed myself again with my Tour de Fleece goal. I am making headway but the yellow jersey seems distant. But this is not a time for being indoors spinning.

Yesterday full summer hit the Bay of Islands. It was warm enough to wear shorts, it was sunny, and it was time to go to the beach. Beaches in Newfoundland are not soft white sands and gentle waves. They tend, rather, towards the rocky and windy end of things. Yesterday we drove out to the end of the south shore to a place called Little Port and hiked a trail through the woods for about 45 minutes to another place called Cedar Cove. We were slightly under-prepared for how muddy the trail was but despite the curses coming from certain people who shall remain nameless but whose choice of footwear was questionable, we made it through. Once there, however, there were rewards aplenty.

When we left the close cover of the woods, the land opened up to reveal a pond made from snow run-off. A small brook ran from the pond down to the ocean. Unlike most places along the Humber Arm of the Bay of Islands, this beach faces out to the open Gulf of St. Lawrence. The beach is lined with pieces of driftwood, large and small. To me it looked like a beach of bones.

Not a place to set out the towel and catch some rays, but it does have a certain appeal for those who love geology, perhaps.

The human element was less attractive but there were still opportunities to find beauty. Could this be inspiration for some yarn?

Only in Newfoundland can you find hand work washed up on the beach.

After we had been battened down by the unceasing wind and soaked up all the glorious, rugged beauty, we headed back into the woods.

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