Monday, July 28, 2008

I guess the best thing about the whole Tour de Fleece thing has been the huge amount of yarn I have as a result. Much of it has already sold or been shipped to St. John's to be sold, so it doesn't feel overwhelming but I do have a nice little pile to look at as I pass by it throughout the day.

I like yarn.

The pace of our days here suddenly feels like it has been amped up a bit. We have had to set a date to leave Gillams about three weeks earlier than we might have otherwise (although I am always plotting various ways that I might never leave but it isn't time quite yet). It has been an internal battle between knowing this is important and the correct thing to do and the feeling like all the breath is being sucked out of my body and that I will have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, away from this island, this damn place that has its grip on me, on every cell in my body. Each inhale and exhale infects me with more and more of this place - it gets in through the pores! Don't try to stop it!

But it is important that we take ourselves to NYC and focusing on how hard it is to leave this island (god, I hate the ferry that heads towards Nova Scotia...), I need to focus on the great things about NYC. Start small: how about the soil in our backyard? It is black and rich and has almost no stones in it. Imagine that! We have a lovely bathroom in NYC. Here, our bathroom is, to put it nicely, yucky. Then of course there are wonderful things like the world's most amazing farmer's market in Union Square. Ronnybrook Dairy! Their whole milk in glass bottles should send me running towards NYC. What's wrong with me? Food that doesn't come from a supermaket, that's a good thing. Thai food delivered to my door. I like that. The Metropolitan Museum. Need I say more? The Zen Center. They are having a sesshin in October and I hope to be there. Obviously I have lots of work to do!

Oh yes....and Dan. Dan is in NYC. Since he is actually at the top of the list, before the silky soil and the Met and three days on a pillow, it is important to take ourselves back into the fray.

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