Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tour de Fleece update (and then some)

Fortunately the rush to spin yarn for the craft fair coincided with the Tour de Fleece so I have put a massive dent in my massive pile of dyed fleece. Here is a quick run-down of the resulting yarns (warning - lots of pictures!):

These four are single ply made with a blend of merino, soy silk and ingeo (corn based fibre) and/or angora.

These two are made from BFL and soy silk. The thicker gauge one also has a ply of red glitter yarn, the other is a navajo 3-ply. They are more subtle in their colouring that most of my other yarn. It has been hard to photograph them to good advantage.

Two more navajo plied yarns. The top is BFL with an unknown wool (purchased at Rhinebeck), the bottom is shetland with soy silk. Navajo plying is my new favourite way to ply - no waste!

Some more singles. The bottom one has bits of eyelash yarn cut up and carded into it. The best way to use eyelash yarn, in my humble opinion.

This one you have seen - uncarded icelandic locks spun into a merino single.

Another uncarded icelandic yarn spun with soy silk in places. I call it "Leif Erikson" since it seems so wild - like a Viking!

This one is a variety of wool plied with tulle fabric that I cut into a long strip. Funky.

This is merino with uncarded angora bits, plied with a variety of singles I had left on bobbins. I kept thinking "Thing One and Thing Two" when I was spinning it.

This picture cracks me up. I was trying to photograph the hat I made from a skein of yarn that Shawn and I collaborated on during the craft fair. She would spin some and then need to get up, then I would spin some and so on. We decided that I would make a hat and, if it sells on etsy, I will donate the money to somewhere. We are still deciding about that.

A somewhat better picture of the hat.

And these, my dear, are all the little bits and pieces - higgledy piggledy - I ordered in anticipation of the craft fair, all of which arrived yesterday. Oh well, now I have new inspiration to keep going on my pile.

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