Thursday, July 31, 2008

There's Something Happening Down McIvers

Last night, we got home from yoga class to discover the power was off. We had been having thunder all afternoon and evening and as we drove over the rise between McIvers and Gillams, we saw a brilliant display of lightning along the tops of the hills behind Gillams. Gorgeous. But apparently destructive too - all the power along the North Shore was gone. (Last week we saw, at almost the exact same spot, two black bear cubs crossing the road. The mama bear must have crossed just before them.)

Fortunately, we have two oil lamps so even as the light outside faded, we still had enough light to complete our evening tasks and I set to spinning. It was pretty dark however, so it was only after the lights came back around 10 pm that I discovered this:

For some reason I find these crimpy locks a never ending source of amusement. It's not for me to ask why.

Here's my pile of fleece that I dyed on Tuesday. The pinks and purples are cochineal and logwood, respectively, but the yellows - and what a range of yellows! - are all from locally grown plants right here in our yard. I used alum mordant for one group and tin for another, then I played around with iron after-mordanting, and the results were fascinating. I have an almost olive green all the way to hot yellow. The best part is that all these colours came from "weeds". Making gorgeous colours from things that most would consider worse than garbage is as satisfying, or perhaps even more satisfying, as, say, finding a fabulous item of clothing in perfect condition in your size at a thrift shop for $1. Earth's bounty or something like that.

This is some hand painted fleece I found on sale through Capistrano Fiber Arts. Her stuff is beautiful and the price was right.

Now, I know some of you may have been stumbling right from that first sentence back there: "Last night on our way home from yoga class..." Yoga class in McIvers?? Sure, we have filmmakers from Toronto making a documentary about a performance artist over there, and organic greens filling our bowls, and a gallery and artist residence, but now yoga? Honey, you heard that right. Every Wednesday evening from 7 - 8 pm. it's all downward dog and trikonasana and feeling your breath. Watch out, because next year when we get our craft retreat going, for all you know we will be reciting the Heart Sutra while we make our artisanal cheeses. McIvers ain't what it used to be.


dorina said...

those blue wisps amidst the green are so gorgeous. i love that amazement of the lights going on and seeing what is really there! it makes me wonder what i'm not seeing even in the daylight . .

Patti Blaine said...

Way cool. Careful or McIvers will become a Destination! ;)