Sunday, July 27, 2008


La victoire est la mienne!

À 11:07 la nuit dernière, j'ai fini de lancer chaque dernier morceau de main teinte de la laine et ai traversé la ligne d'arrivée du Tour de Fleece.

Don't you love online translation services?

Let's go to the videotape and see what our athlete has produced in order to lay claim to her victory...

This is as a sweet nothing. It was the odds and ends of several bits of fleece carded together, spun thin but not obsessively so, then chain plied. I learned during the course of this race that the term "navajo plying" is inaccurate - it is neither navajo nor actually plying. Is there a Mike Myers skit in there somewhere? Thus correct term is chain plied although some may debate the whole plied thing but for my purposes, I will go with it. This is the kind of spinner's minutia that makes people run to WalMart to buy Red Heart. ANYWAY, this is less than 30yds so it will end up in a hat or some other odds and ends project.

This one is largely made up of fleece I didn't dye myself but I did card some of my alpaca into it. At some point all those pinks, purples and peaches were just getting me down and I needed some blue in my life. So here it is...very tweedy.

This is one of my favourites. It is a mixture of just about everything: merino, alpaca, ingeo (corn fibre), BFL, you name it. I spun a thin single, adding bits of the pink in alternating colours along the way. Then I spun another single without the bits and plied the whole thing. I think it would be a very cool hat. Automatic funkiness.

This is logwood dyed alpaca blended with soy silk also dyed in logwood. I carded a batt of that, then I carded a batt of the alpaca with some natural coloured jacob mohair. I divided up the batts so that I spun a thin single of alternating batts and then plied them together. It makes a fingering weight yarn that has some sheen and is more muted. A subtle effect but lovely nonetheless.

Just to prove to myself that I can make the thin stuff too.

My last skein! It starts out with the lightest pinks/peachy colours and get darker and darker until it reaches a deep burgundy. I set the twist this morning and it is drying in the sun now.

Viva the Tour de Fleece!

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