Thursday, July 24, 2008

She's Got A Wooden Leg?

Time for a much lighter note than yesterday's soul searching.

A couple of years ago while Dan and I were exchanging our favourite lines from the movie "The Apartment" (what's Buddy Boy done for us lately?), Finnian informed us that black and white movies were "old" and "boring". Dan and I looked at each other and he immediately went out and rented "A Day at the Races". It was the beginning of a Marx Brothers film festival at our house. Of course, we were paid back in spades for our I-told-you-so moment because Finn proceeded to go around speaking like Groucho Marx for the next several weeks. Not always so attractive in a nine year old.

I have always tried to get Patti to have Kate (Patti's very gifted, piano playing daughter) watch Chico and Harpo at the piano. I know they could offer some excellent tips for her technique. Guaranteed.

The first 20 seconds are some of my all-time favourite Harpo action.

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Patti Blaine said...

But she's in such a movie rut when we rent them! Summer would be a good time to educate her in the art of old movies however... and she did enjoy the first hour or so of My Fair Lady she saw late one night about a year ago. Hmmmm.

Care to provide a must-see list? :)