Wednesday, July 30, 2008


We are lucky here on the North Shore of the Bay of Islands to be surrounded by beautiful landscape as well as fascinating people. One of those fascinating people is Colette Urban, a sculptor and performance artist and organic farmer. She runs Full Tilt, her farm and a creative centre - gallery and artist residence. Two filmmakers from Toronto are here making a documentary about Colette and over the past few weeks they have been re-creating many of her performances. They have been threatening to recruit various members of our family and a couple of days ago, Lucy and a friend got the call.

Here is Marcia, the cinematographer, explaining how the camera works. She gave a great lesson. I never really understood the idea of white balance until I heard her explain it to the kids.

This is an action shot from the performance - that is Colette in front. I can't really explain the performance. Suffice to say it is complicated. Lucy and her friend got an important lesson in acting: much of your time will be spent hanging around the set while technical stuff gets set-up and tweaked.

These are Colette's greenhouses and gardens. We get the most amazing salad greens from her. A ray of delicious hope among the poor food options here (hey - you can't have beautiful landscape, fascinating people AND great food! Can you?)

Then, yesterday...

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