Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wool is a Window

Yesterday was kind of a funky day.

We had to get up at 4:30am to get Dan to the airport for a 6:30am flight, so we were all a bit dazed and cranky from lack of sleep. The very fact that Dan was going to the airport and not continuing his time here added another layer of crankiness (he left early due to work-related issues - the absolutely worst reasons in my opinion). The weather was strange - windy and kind of rainy then sunny then rainy again.

Everything was just slightly off kilter yesterday.

I carded up a bunch of wool in an effort to keep up with my Tour de Fleece goal (getting there!) and set to spinning. But I didn't want to spin the colourful stuff I had just carded. My eyes kept going to the bag of scoured but uncarded black icelandic wool that I have had for a couple of years.

I went to work with a fever. I have no idea what Finn and Lucy ate for lunch. I spun and spun and then I niddy noddy-ed and set the twist and hung the skeins out to dry on the railing.

A couple of hours later, I walked past the drying yarn and did a double take.

To date, all my yarn has been about trying to transfer what is beautiful in this world into wool. The ocean, the mountains, the sky, various plants, even domestic interiors, have been my inspiration. Yesterday, I was working on a much more visceral level and the results were genuinely startling.

I never thought yarn could be such a window into someone's mind but my hands insisted it be so yesterday.

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