Saturday, July 05, 2008

Now It Can Be Revealed

The bedroom project is done except for some minor trim that needs to be put up in a couple of places. The room, which had been labeled by most as "a dump" is now just lovely (I will ignore the fact that not one but five people who came by during the process asked me what I planned to do with the walls - and the walls were finished!). It has a minimal charm that invites rest and reflection. So there.

Here are some some pictures:

And here is my HGTV moment:

This little piece of furniture was in the house when we bought it. It appears to have been part of a vanity table but was found alone. It was brown and chipped and one leg was shorter than the rest and it had three drawers, none of which really worked. We thought about tossing it out but laziness stopped us more than any desire to do something with it. Fast forward to 2008, I painted it, added a new knob to the top drawer, took out the two bottom drawers, used part of one as a small shelf in the resulting space and made a little curtain for it. All for under $5. Somebody get me a contract - I'm ready for prime time!

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